Hormonal Chaos

HORMONAL ENVIRONMENT- A safe alternative or the cause of disease?

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found that 90% of study participants that actively avoided plastics still showed traces of it- in their urine. Despite not using materials containing plastics, most notably BPA, the participants exposure didn’t change- so what does this mean?

First, lets talk about plastic. One of the most widely used synthetic substances, plastic surrounds us- our baby bottles, water bottles, food wrapping, containers, cosmetics, and foods…the list goes on. For many years studies have shown a link between certain plastics and hormonal disruption. A recent study showed that one hundred percent of baby bottles studied released detectable amounts of hormone like substances….100%!!!

BPA, bisphenol A, being the most widely publicized plastic toxin- was removed from most bottles years ago. However, since the removal of BPA; we continue to find positive hormone like substances in testing and companies have now created new compounds to make up our water bottles, many unstudied and with unknown potential for harm. Sounds safe, right??