Hormonal Chaos

HORMONAL ENVIRONMENT- A safe alternative or the cause of disease?

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found that 90% of study participants that actively avoided plastics still showed traces of it- in their urine. Despite not using materials containing plastics, most notably BPA, the participants exposure didn’t change- so what does this mean?

First, lets talk about plastic. One of the most widely used synthetic substances, plastic surrounds us- our baby bottles, water bottles, food wrapping, containers, cosmetics, and foods…the list goes on. For many years studies have shown a link between certain plastics and hormonal disruption. A recent study showed that one hundred percent of baby bottles studied released detectable amounts of hormone like substances….100%!!!

BPA, bisphenol A, being the most widely publicized plastic toxin- was removed from most bottles years ago. However, since the removal of BPA; we continue to find positive hormone like substances in testing and companies have now created new compounds to make up our water bottles, many unstudied and with unknown potential for harm. Sounds safe, right??


Let’s talk about hormones and what they do. Hormones are at the basis of the control of your sexual functions, your reproduction and your development. Hormones also control just about every other process in your body- from weight, to fertility, to body composition and metabolism. Our bodies produce hormones that fluctuate over time and month to month, but when we give a steady dose daily of environmental hormones we see endocrine disorders increasing by the day. Wonder why we are getting more obese, having more cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and earlier puberty in young girls??? Maybe we’ve found our answer.

Symptoms- hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, joint pain- all often hard to diagnose or find fault. Could it be? How we look; the term “dad bod”, has gained some popularity and currently has almost 1 million tags on instagram. A celebration of the disappearance of men??

Estrogen is responsible, in part, for the development of fatty tissue around the abdomen, hips, and buttocks- historically to prepare the female body for motherhood and supporting a baby. Apparently putting it in such massive supply in our environment has prepped the dads for that too……

Natural vs synthetic hormones

I prescribe Bioidentical hormones, and I’m often told by patients that they are being told to quit due to the risk. Yet as healthcare providers, we hand our patients plastic water bottles and drugs to counteract side effects of a poor lifestyle…..does it make any sense???

Our ancestors bodies made the same hormones we do; yet their puberty age wasn’t lowering, their diabetes rates weren’t skyrocketing. A hormone our body makes vs a synthetic counterpart- which do you think is causing the problem?

Could your blood clot be caused by living in an environment loaded with synthetic hormones coupled with poor lifestyle choices and not caused by the ones your body makes naturally? Ask your ER doctor with the “Dad Bod” that. I already know his answer.

Lessening the impact

With such abundant supplies and sources- limiting the exposure is difficult, but not impossible. Here are some things to do to make your environment less hormonally toxic-

  • Dust your house- I hate dusting too, but via respiration we allow toxic particles a direct entry into our bodies and blood streams.

  • Keep your filters fresh and counters clean, and allow your family to breath easier.Quit smoking- smoking not only allows toxins in; but damages your ability to keep them out too.

  • Ditch pesticides and chemical cleaners- a few ants won’t kill you; but study after study shows that pesticides will. So why use them?

  • Glass only- toss those hormone leeching plastic containers and opt for glass.

  • Filter your water- >98% of “safe” water was found to have toxins and byproducts of items that are labeled as “carcinogens” in it.

  • Cookware- teflon and other non-stick coatings are on the list of cancer causing items- ditch them

  • Antimicrobial soaps be gone! Let your kid lick the shopping cart. A super bug is becoming more of a reality daily; so build your immune system by exposure.

  • Healthy diet and lifestyle- if it’s in a can or a box; don’t eat it. Eat fresh foods, limit antibiotics, and get your body moving!!

Let’s change the world

I have quit using plastic bottles, and make every effort to protect my girls, but life happens and I realistically can’t change it alone. However, the impact of everyone making a change could impact our future vastly. In the United States, every second of every day 1,500 plastic bottles are discarded. Americans send more than 38 billion water bottles to landfills every year, the equivalent of 912 million gallons of oil.

So today, skip the plastic bottle- if we all do that’s over 2 million less plastic bottles leeching chemicals into our environment, just by skipping TODAY. S

tart making better choices for you; and you may see the impact for generations to come. Even one less case of breast or prostate cancer, or one less 7 year old going through puberty-completely worth it.

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