Direct Primary Care- what is it and why it should matter to you

What is DPC? And why it matters…

The American Academy of Family Physicians, notes the “defining characteristic of DPC practices is that they offer patients the full range of comprehensive primary services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care, and care coordination in exchange for a flat, recurring retainer fee that is typically billed to patients on a monthly basis.

Direct Primary Care, is a unique and cost effective way to ensure health needs are being met in the growing climate of uninsured and underinsured. American healthcare has moved to a cold experience with unfortunate long wait times for a visit that gets shorter and shorter. It’s difficult to get in to see your personal doctor; and often you’ll be sent to a partner- which has caused a rise in conflicting diagnoses, prescriptions and often, poor health outcomes. Health Insurance billing has taken over both the office staff and dictates the time doctors can spend with you. By eliminating the time-consuming insurance company billing and payment procedures- we can reduce overhead and have more time to spend with our patients and build closer relationships.

The monthly fee is often referred to as a membership, but typically there are no long-term commitments. Direct Primary Care monthly fees are very affordable and range from $30-$90 depending on age. The monthly fee includes unlimited visits with no copays or deductibles and no-cost or low-cost labs, procedures and often medications too.

No Insurance Accepted!

That may be a scary phrase to most people that have always believed health insurance is a requirement in order to see a physician affordably. While health insurance does have its place, especially for catastrophic health events, DPC provides the day-to-day ongoing healthcare, which is key to a healthy life. DPC also allows patients unrestricted access to their doctor via phone, email, text or even video conference. If you need to see your doctor, you can get same day or next day appointments with essentially no wait time at all.

What about the Costs of Specialists, Hospital Stays and Emergencies?

Generally, 90% of a person’s healthcare needs can be taken care of by a Direct Primary Care Physician.

A DPC membership does not include additional expenses in the event a specialist needs to be seen or emergency room visits or hospital stays are required. To cover these expenses, a major medical policy is recommended to combine with your DPC membership. Typically, the cost of both a major medical insurance policy and a DPC membership is significantly less than the cost of a full coverage health insurance policy.

Can Employers Benefit from Direct Primary Care?

Yes! Direct Primary Care has many advantages for Employers that provide health insurance to their employees. For smaller companies, having a self-funded insurance plan may sound out of reach. However, with DPC, companies can enjoy the benefits of providing high-quality employee healthcare at a lower, more controllable cost. This also allows employee benefits to increase and provide a recruiting advantage to appeal to top-tier prospects.

Direct Primary Care is an ideal way to have affordable and high-quality healthcare. It restores the practice of medicine to its core values of being a patient-centered practice that allows for fulfilled physicians and healthier patients while adding financial controls for companies! We are so excited to be YOUR direct primary care provider!

Kacie has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2010 and is thrilled to be able to offer more family related services in conjunction with the aesthetics practice in Elan's new facility!!

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