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Elan Exclusive VIP Access Membership

Unlock Your Radiance with Our Membership Programs: Your Journey to Timeless Beauty Begins Here

A premier membership offering unparalleled access to Elan's complete range of services, from metabolic and hormonal health treatments to aesthetic rejuvenation. This is the ultimate pass for those who demand nothing but the best in holistic healthcare and beauty solutions. With this pass, members experience the pinnacle of personalized care, priority scheduling, and special rates, ensuring they're always at the forefront of wellness and beauty. Embrace the luxury of total health, inside and out.


Hormone & Medical Memberships

Hormone Pellet/Direct Primary Care Membership: $150

  • Comprehensive medical care and hormone pellet insertions every 3 (female) or 6 (male) months.

  • 1 B12 shot a month

  • 1 Full Lab panel annually

  • 1 Wellness physical

  • Must pay for 1st pellet and membership fee same month started

Direct Primary Care Membership: $25-$150

  • All medical visits needed throughout the year

  • Routine Physical with pap (females)

  • Referrals to any specialist

  • Routine lab panel (additional fees may apply)

  • Email access to provider after hours as needed

  • Pay as you go medical services also available

Sensational Skin Memberships

Silver Skin Membership: $195/month


  • 10% off All Skincare Products

  • 6 month minimum commitment

Platinum Skin Membership: $350/month


  • 15% off All Skincare Products

  • 6 month minimum commitment


Dermal Filler & Tox Memberships

Tox Membership: $99/month

  • 10u Xeomin monthly (30u every 3 months)

  • B12 Shot at your quarterly visit

  • 10% Discount on all other services

  • 10% Discount on all Products

  • 1 year commitment

Dermal Filler Membership: $99/month

  • 2 syringes a year of your choice

  • B12 Shot at your Filler visit

  • 10% Discount on all other services

  • 10% Discount on all products

  • 1 year commitment

One Point:

​Customized Facial


Marini Luminate Facial

C-ESTA Facial

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial

Retinol Plus Facial

Lash lift/Lash Tint

60 Minute Massage

Transformation Peel

Clarify Peel

Two Points:

IPL (1 Area)

IV Infusion


Six Points:

Options - Face, Neck, Eyes

Plasma Resurfacing

Plasma Pen 1 Area

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