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What Are The Benefits Of Cold Plunge After A Sauna Session?

Taking a cold plunge after being in a sauna helps your body cool down even faster. Here are the benefits:

Boosts the Immune System

Outdoor saunas bath and a cold water plunge technique can help you build up your immune system. It will increase lymphatic circulation, which is a network in our body that aids in the removal of germs, bacteria, and other body waste in an effective manner!

It Has a Detoxifying Power

Hot and cold plunges are a great way to help your lymphatic system work more efficiently. This method has a way of triggering lymphatic circulation. The combination of the hot sauna bath and cold immersion also helps flush out any waste from the body, which will have an overall detoxifying effect on your body system!

Improves Blood Circulation

When you enter the sauna, your body is in a hot environment. However, when that quickly changes to a cold environment, the shock of this change causes blood vessels throughout our entire bodies to constrict and reduce circulation – this further elevates blood pressure levels inside!

Burns Fat and Helps You Lose Weight

Combining the hot and cold technique from cold plunging and sauna sessions respectively speeds up the burning of fat in the body and increase weight loss. 

The Perfect Stress Relief

Cold plunge, on the other hand, is generally not pleasurable since it stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, producing a fight or flight response.

Reduces the Discomfort Post-Work of Soreness

The cold plunge will therefore help to alleviate discomfort immediately after a session. Warm water is more commonly believed to be superior to cold water when it comes to pain relief. 

Rejuvenates Skin

The hot sauna and cold plunge improve blood flow and, as a result, skin health. The skin will be youthful and radiant if the circulation is good.

Helps With Inflammation Related Ailments

For example, it is common for people to use the sauna to cure their arthritis difficulties. It’s because the sauna session allows for more fluid to enter the joints.

Enhancing Pleasure

Cold water gives you a rush of norepinephrine, and this is how it enhances pleasure after a hot sauna bath! It affects mood, anxiety, and other processes.

Hot Sauna

Is the Sauna Cold Plunge Routine Safe?

The Finns have been soaking in hot baths for centuries, but it’s not just about temperature. The practice is an extension of their culture’s tradition that dates back to 1000 AD and includes cold plunging therapy or hydrotherapy as well! Many research studies are showing how these therapies provide relief from various ailments- provided you follow safety guidelines so there aren’t any adverse side effects. The advantages of these procedures have been well established, although further study is always required.


Is it better to use the ice bath before or after the sauna?

The most frequent inquiry surrounding the hot and cold technique is this – when combining the sauna and ice baths, should you use them in either order? The simple answer is that it’s preferable to use the ice bath after the sauna.

Heat therapy makes us healthier by increasing our stress levels and raising the body’s adaptational responses. On the other hand, cold treatments slow cellular processes down which reduces inflammation in cells as well constricting blood vessels so that you can stay healthy!

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